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Bumble Bee Contractors, Inc.Bumble Bee Contractors's owner/operator, Haldo Arriaga, has been in roofing since 1995, and is expert in any size and all types of roof installations.

Haldo's goal is complete customer satisfaction by providing top notch service using the best quality materials and skilled, professional technicians.

Bumble Bee Contractors, Inc. takes pride in building a reputation of expertise, exceptional workmanship, competitive pricing, excellent products and outstanding customer service all with honesty and integrity.  We provide top quality commercial, industrial roof installations throughout New England and New York state. We also offer residential roofing services.

Client Testimonial

Our New Roof

We are writing to you to express our happiness with the new roof you have constructed for us! Since its completion two weeks ago, our home has experienced a series of thunderstorms, rain and wind, followed by another wave of heat this week. Through it all, the roof has remained absolutely intact, front and back (directly facing the ocean), and the attic is bone dry, without the slightest leak around any seam or joint. You have clearly done an excellent job!

Our opinion has now been endorsed by two of my neighbors, both former roofers... [ read more... }

Thank you,
Guy V. D.

508.985.4951       bumblebeeinc@icloud.com